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Apartment interior design development

The main task of the service is to create a balanced space. Functionality and aesthetics play an important role in reflecting the character of the owner, his lifestyle, hobbies and status. We pay maximum attention to this process. We delve not only into the details of the desired redevelopment, but also into the psychology of perception of the future space. Sketches, preparation of working documentation, configuration, elaboration of possible deviations from the plan, control points - all are stages in the elaboration of a single concept. At the output we have a package of documents, which is a step-by-step guide to action for the team. The obvious advantages of drawing up design projects for an apartment are:

a detailed implementation guide;

scenarios for each type of work are clearly spelled out;

total cost;

configuration composition;

volumes of construction and finishing materials;

visual and documentary archiving.

At the heart of our work:

Иконка Карандаш - TB.Design

Thoughtful layout

We are proud of our accurate drawings that are able to adapt interior design to any apartment renovation, as well as the expectations of our customers. We redraw the room, we fit the irreplaceable into the specified square meters, not forgetting about ergonomics, as well as the legislation of the Russian Federation.

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Following the TOR

The opinion of the client is in the first place for us. At the initial stage, our team fixes a clear technical task, and then coordinates it. Deviations and adjustments are agreed upon in advance. We are moving in stages in accordance with drawings, diagrams, sketches.

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Financial part

We do not go beyond the agreed budget. We scrupulously purchase construction and finishing materials, equipment. We minimize unplanned costs. We report back at the end of each stage. We send financial reports by e-mail or by mail on request.

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Turnkey implementation

The opinion of the client is in the first place for us. At the initial stage, our team fixes a clear technical task, and then coordinates it. Deviations and adjustments are agreed upon in advance. We are moving in stages in accordance with drawings, diagrams, sketches.

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We communicate closely with our clients. Messengers, social networks, video communication, personal meetings in the office or at the facility - 100% informative. We notice the details in the dialogues, if necessary, we return to them. We take a responsible approach to documentary reporting.

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We are a young, energetic, creative studio. We are constantly aware of trends in the field of style, architecture, construction. We regularly improve the professional level of our employees, attend exhibitions, conferences, and specialized seminars. We strive to be at the forefront.

How to create an apartment design

To create a harmonious space for living, it is necessary to thoroughly approach the concept itself. Strictly speaking, the design includes three principles, the observance of which brings us closer to the planned result:

1. functionality;
2. color perception;
3. the placement of accents.

These are the three pillars on which the semantic loads of the project are strung. Having jointly determined the desired atmosphere, layout and compositions, the designer begins to draw details. Every detail is important here: from the technical filling to the color of the vase on the window.

We work regardless of the location of the object. The cities of the world are our usual working platform. It doesn't matter where design is required: Astana, London, Israel - we implement projects anywhere in the world.

Step-by-step movement to the final is guaranteed to minimize possible deviations from the plan. The meaning of division is systematization from simple to complex, from technical tasks to detailed schemes through a plan, sketch composition, three-dimensional graphics. This is a detailed, thoughtful, documented guide to action.

Stage 1

TK and planning solution

At the very beginning, we get acquainted with the object and wishes. A questionnaire is filled out, which contains questions about expectations for the zoning of the room, finishing materials, technical content, coloristics. The received information is made out in the album "Terms of Reference".

Then we proceed to the planning: we consider the functional zoning of the projected space with the arrangement of furniture, equipment, routes of movement, on the basis of which 2 solutions are being developed.

The price per square meter is disclosed at the first stage. If desired, our partners assist in obtaining a state permit for redevelopment.

Stage 2

Preliminary design

A stylistic and space-planning solution is being developed here. The selected layout (stage 1) is overlaid with wishes for style, color, and content from the terms of reference (stage 1) and collages and sketches of the future situation are prepared.

The interior design of a turnkey apartment includes the geometry of the room, aesthetic direction, color volumes, shapes and textures. At subsequent stages, the finishing touches are added to the design elements.

draft design example

Stage 3

3D visualization

The interior design of apartment 2022 is impossible to imagine without 3D visualization. Three-dimensional sketches of each room in several angles show in detail color combinations, finishing materials, furniture, lamps, decor, and most importantly - architecture and the volume of the projected space. It shows how the planes of the walls, floor, ceiling are filled, as well as how the interior looks under artificial and natural lighting. Thanks to this visualization, a final image of the space is obtained, in which, if necessary, the latest adjustments are made.

This visualization gives an image on the interior design of 3 apartments. 3D visualization is optional and is performed only on request.

3D visualization example

Stage 4

Accompanying documentation

Based on 3D visualization, a complete package of working drawings with specifications is being prepared. A set of drawings is needed to perform construction, installation and finishing works, and specifications are needed to complete the project and purchase the necessary materials, furniture, appliances and decor. This is the final stage.

The composition of the accompanying documentation

  • Measurement plan
  • Planning solution with furniture arrangement
  • Dismantling plan
  • Installation plan
  • Plan for filling door and window openings
  • The plan of placement of sanitary appliances
  • Floor plan
  • Electrical appliance placement plan(s)
  • Ceiling plan
  • Layout of air conditioning and ventilation elements
  • The plan of placement of lamps
  • Switch placement plan
  • Layout of sockets
  • Wall scans (if necessary)
  • Conceptual drawings of elements based on Studio sketches
documentation example

Answers to frequently asked questions

I can't decide on the style. What to do?

Don't worry. We have excellent experience in working with clients, thanks to which you will definitely find your style. We will tell you about the main directions, the features of their implementation, the degree of perception "for a long time". We offer you to get acquainted with our portfolio, which clearly demonstrates the design in interiors. You can prepare a photo in advance with the design you like. This will help the specialist to more accurately determine your request in order to offer several solutions to choose from.

How long do measurements take?

It depends on the area of the apartment, the complexity of the layout. For example, if there are arches, niches, stairs, podiums, etc., then the time for measuring these elements increases. If due to employment it is not possible to be present at this stage, you can leave us the keys - we will fix all the parameters without your participation. If the object is located abroad, we practice a remote approach. When ready, we will provide a detailed report and a plan for further actions. If you have any questions, fill out the form, we will be happy to answer everything.

Who carries out the purchase of materials?

If you want and have enough time, you can buy everything you need yourself or entrust this process to us. Years of practice have formed a high-quality list of suppliers and partners from whom we purchase with good discounts. This is beneficial not only in terms of budget savings. Professional review guarantees optimal purchase among dozens of items.

The cost of developing an interior design project

Иконка Карандаш с линейкой - TB.Design
Small Square

40 - 100 m2

from 117 $/m2

Иконка Карандаш с линейкой - TB.Design
Average area

101 - 250 m2

75 – 117 $/m2

Иконка Карандаш с линейкой - TB.Design
Average area

101 - 250 m2

75 – 117 $/m2

The cost of apartment design in any city on the planet depends on several factors. The first and most basic point is the location of the object. Remoteness is related to the frequency of flights on request, although most of the work is done remotely. Next, the area of the room. The larger it is, the lower the prices per square meter. The second factor is the intended style. The eclecticism of modern classics with art deco and American style is more labor-intensive than the laconic Scandinavian interior. The third factor is the wishes for the availability of complex engineering systems, such as channel air conditioning, smart home. The price is also influenced by the type of house, distance from the center of Moscow, area. The prices of our company and the quality of work will satisfy you.

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  • "Customer service is a fundamental value for the studio. For the convenience of communicating with the customer, we create a group chat in WhatsApp, where we discuss current issues, while the main correspondence is traditionally conducted by e-mail. Reports on the work done and a plan for the coming days are provided daily. I am always in touch during working hours and am ready to give operational feedback on any issue on the project."

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    Anastasia Polynova

    Project manager

  • "Work on apartment interiors is the main activity of the studio. To make the design of the apartment as technically competent as possible, we pay attention to the proposed engineering stuffing of the apartment from the very first stage. The interior design of the apartment integrates data from our contractors for ventilation, air conditioning, low-current networks, which I involve in the project. Do not forget the requirements of the Criminal Code for project documentation, and the work on the approval of redevelopment."

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    Igor Verevkin

    Head of the Department of Architecture and Construction

  • "It so happened that I myself am a fan of the old building. As a person who, since childhood, prefers walking through the atmospheric streets of a European city to any other type of recreation and is immensely in love with urban architecture, I myself live in a pre-revolutionary house and try not to miss the opportunity to work with similar buildings. The studio has several completed projects in old houses, and rest assured: we know better than anyone what to do with wooden floors, noisy neighbors, historical stucco and restoration of antique parquet and doors."

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    Art Director

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