Author's supervision in design

Author's supervision is the support of the project implementation necessary for its competent and prompt implementation. The architect of the studio controls the compliance of construction works with design plans, scans and sections. During working hours, he is in constant contact with the construction team and is ready to respond promptly to emerging technical difficulties or deviations from the project. All changes in the project, if any, are recorded and agreed with the customer.

The author's supervision in the interior design project consists not only in providing technical services, but also in consulting on the aesthetic side of the project. As part of the final stage of supervision, the studio designer coordinates the colors and samples of materials, approves the installation layout of tiles, oversees the placement of furniture and the hanging of lamps on the object.

The composition of the Author's supervision service

  • Work planning

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    Accurate planning is important for success in any project. Author's supervision in construction is both working with contractors on engineering systems and integrating their work into the overall construction process without prejudice to it. The approved schedule of finishing works includes contractor visits to the facility, they are coordinated with the construction manager. The architect and project manager of the bureau monitors the timely implementation by third-party organizations of their part of the work; answer all questions from the parties on interaction within the framework of the implementation of the design project.

  • Compliance control

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    A good construction site is a construction site that does not deviate from the instructions of the working documentation. Copyright and technical supervision is a guarantee that all conditions will be met. The architect of the bureau visits him regularly, from 2 to 8 times a month, depending on the terms of the contract concluded with the customer, the stage of finishing works and the number of accumulated issues that require his personal attention. Checks the location of partitions, sockets, switches, characteristics of openings, preparation of surfaces. The studio reports in detail to the customer about each departure in electronic form.

  • Making adjustments

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    When working with the old fund in Moscow and other cities, it is ideal to dismantle all partitions, floors and ceilings before starting the development of a design project. But, unfortunately, this is not always possible: there are delays with the paperwork, or someone may live in the apartment. In this case, the design project is created on the basis of actual measurements, and according to the results of the construction dismantling, the necessary adjustments are already being made to it. Also, accurate drawings can be carried out if, during the implementation of the project, the customer decides to make any changes to the author's supervision of the project.

  • Attention to detail

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    The final part of the work on the author's supervision is conducted by the company's designer, the direct author of the design project concept. He is responsible for the visual component of project implementation in Moscow, Russia and CIS countries. The installation layout of the tiles in accordance with the actual dimensions and areas, the installation layout of the board, the live approval of paint colors, samples of wood, metal, and other coatings on the object are also part of the author's supervision service. The designer of the studio oversees the arrangement of furniture, correctly sets the height of chandeliers and the direction of the glow of spots, oversees the hanging of wall decor.

The cost of author's supervision

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A little distance

Up to
1000 $/month

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Medium Distance
Moscow region

917 – 1250 $/month

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High Distance
Other countries of the world and regions of the Russian Federation

By agreement

The author's supervision depends on the factors that ultimately affect the cost of the service. The price of CJSC is up to 60,000 the rest of Moscow, MO west 60 000 - 80 000 .The closer the object is, the easier the logistics and faster to get to it, the less time it takes to leave and the cheaper the service of author's supervision. Also, the cost varies greatly depending on the agreed frequency of departures.

For example, if the object is located outside the Ministry of Defense, it is possible to arrange for 2 trips per month, and conduct the rest of the work remotely. The complexity of the project is also important: the more non-standard engineering solutions and unusual design techniques in it, the more difficult it is to implement, the more time-consuming supervision will be. The builders with whom you are going to cooperate also play a role. The work can be carried out both with their own construction teams and with customer teams.

The role of the team

At the design stage, the team leader is determined. He is responsible for the overall success of the construction process. The key roles of involvement in the implementation of the project are established at the initial stage, taking into account its specifics. The members of the project team jointly determine the terms, technical characteristics, stages, financing, risks. Strong management and professional executive team are the key to the success of our company in the highly competitive construction market.

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  • “For me, the most important thing in the implementation of a design project is to strictly follow all the instructions of the working documentation, of which I am the author. The project in our studio includes all the necessary sections, nodes and structural diagrams. It is worked out in great detail precisely so that the builders do not have the opportunity to do something at their discretion, and my task is to monitor this and correct the progress of work in time, if necessary.

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    Igor Verevkin

    Head of Architecture and Construction Department

  • “The project manager participates in architectural supervision in the same way as in any other stage of designing and implementing an interior project. My task is to organize the process in such a way that the approvals take place as efficiently as possible, so that there are no delays, inconsistencies in time, and decisions not recorded in writing. I am responsible for organizing trips, minutes of meetings and approvals. I am always in touch during working hours and am ready to forward any question to one of my colleagues and get a comprehensive answer from them.»

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    Anastasia Polynova

    project manager

  • “I believe it is the job of a studio lead designer to look after the beauty of everything we do. I am included in the supervision at the final stage and carefully follow the transformation of the repair into a sophisticated, finished interior. I am responsible for the perfectly matched shade of that very white, for all the layouts, hangings, for the arrangement of interior items. After all, the final result should be visually flawless!”

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    leading designer

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