Stage 1

Measurements and technical specification

The first stage is acquaintance with the object of design, the wishes of the customer. During the meeting, a questionnaire is filled out, which contains questions that reveal the essence of the future interior. In the dialog, we determine the direction in style, coloristics, redevelopment, routes, location of engineering systems, deployment of doors, etc. The received information is made out in the album "Terms of Reference".

Next, we proceed to the measurements of residential and non-residential areas.We pay close attention to structures with complex geometry: stairs, vaults, arches, niches, podiums. Is there a need for their replacement or reconstruction.The collected information is the first step on the way to an interior in a modern style.

example of technical task

Stage 2

Preliminary design

At this stage, our studio determines the design of the room, taking into account the style, space-planning approach.The selected layout (stage 1) is overlaid with wishes for style, color, filling from the terms of reference (stage 1), collages, sketches of the future interior are being prepared. Such primary visualization shows the geometry of space, direction, color volumes, shapes, textures. Several sketches are being created with the elaboration of various proportions and accent elements in the interior. Illustrations can demonstrate not only the general appearance of the room, but also the proposed compositions. This is how individual decorations are selected, which perfectly fit into the texture of the finish and the purpose of the space. Pencil sketches are made for each room of the house. Interior details are being finalized at subsequent stages.

draft design example

Stage 3

3D visualization

At the visualization stage, the design project of the townhouse is shown in three-dimensional format. Three-dimensional sketches of each room in several angles show in detail color combinations, finishing materials, furniture, lamps, and most importantly - architecture, the volume of the projected space. It shows how the planes of the walls, floor, ceiling are filled, as well as how the design looks under artificial or natural lighting. This visualization shows the final image of the space in which adjustments are made. 3D graphics allows you to correct the shortcomings of the layout and design even at the design stage. A photorealistic three-dimensional picture shows the future interior from different angles. We offer several options to choose from.

3D visualization example

Stage 4

Accompanying documentation

Based on 3D visualization, a complete package of working drawings with specifications is being prepared. They are needed for construction and installation, finishing works, and specifications - for complete equipment, purchase of materials, furniture, equipment. This completes the design project of the interior of the house.

    The composition of the documentation:

  • Measurement plan
  • Planning solution with furniture arrangement
  • Dismantling plan
  • Installation plan
  • Plan for filling door and window openings
  • Plan of placement of sanitary appliances
  • Floor plan
  • Electrical appliance placement plan(s)
  • Ceiling plan
  • Layout of air conditioning and ventilation elements
  • The plan of placement of lamps
  • Switch placement plan
  • Layout of sockets
  • Wall scans (if necessary)
  • Conceptual drawings of elements based on Studio sketches
  • Conceptual statement/estimate of finishing materials
  • Conceptual statement/estimate of furniture filling
  • Conceptual statement/equipment estimate
documentation example

Design project of a private house

We are creating a full-fledged cottage design project. We build single-storey and multi-storey buildings from the foundation. We act in accordance with GOST standards and SNIP rules in construction. We have sold a dozen turnkey houses in Russia. We use different styles of execution and materials in our work. Our skills and experience allow us to implement cottages or townhouses anywhere in the world. We can:

work remotely

arrive for measurements and meetings, author supervision

do documentation and work in English or with the involvement of an interpreter in your language

Working with a premium studio from Moscow will not disappoint you, we will create a uniquely original design comfortable for life. By ordering the service, you will receive a professional architectural and design solution.

Options for working on the house:

Type 1
Home interior design project: basic service

Setting priorities at the start

At the first meeting, the interior design of a country house and the client's budget are discussed in detail, which is then strictly observed throughout the entire cooperation.

Priorities are set and fixed: whether the fireplace area or the bedroom, the bath or the bathrooms are more important for the customer.

Selective study of premises

Since the design volume is not large, work is not carried out on all rooms – the garage, storerooms usually remain behind the scenes.

Defining style-forming elements

We immediately decide what the interior of the cottage will be built around. It can be a fireplace area with sofas, a large open kitchen, a library, a grand staircase. The price of 100 m2 depends on the chosen style.

Дизайн-проект интерьера дома
Дизайн-проект интерьера дома 2

Type 2
Integration with an engineering project

We pay close attention to engineering

The interior design of a private house is impossible without the integration of engineering systems. Also, such work is needed if a complete reconstruction of the old building is planned with the replacement of all communications.

We attract specialized specialists

The project for the boiler room, heating, ventilation and air conditioning wiring is not done by the designer. We immediately attract proven specialists whose qualifications guarantee high quality. Installation of communications is also carried out by their forces, and it does not matter whether it is a country house or for permanent residence.

Maximum project detail

The planning and design solution is a detailed plan, starting from construction work to the placement of accents in decoration. Projects of engineering systems, redevelopment and reconstruction, if necessary, are accompanied by explanatory notes for performers. Each stage is limited in terms of deadlines and budgets, which are also reflected in the documentation.

Type 3
Architectural project

Creating a unified concept from scratch

The design project of a country house or cottage is being developed from scratch. It takes into account the size of the plot, its geo-features, climate and expectations of future owners. A country house should be designed in such a way that it harmoniously fits into the landscape of the settlement. High attention is paid to functionality and amenities for permanent residence. The wishes on style and special preferences will be taken into account from the very beginning.

Focus on planning solutions

No typical layouts. In developing the plan, we take into account the purpose of each room as a whole and the functionality of individual zones. The diagrams indicate the location of walls, partitions, door and window openings, furniture, shields, separate locations. Drawing up a detailed interior plan is a responsible step, the elaboration of which takes most of the time.

The project is easy to finalize by third-party contractors

The interior design of a country house, in particular in the planning solution, will initially be based on a competent structural scheme of the building. Easy-to-read and thoughtful drawings can be implemented by any contractor.

Дизайн-проект интерьера дома 3

The most important thing in working on the design of a townhouse or a private house is to find a balance between architecture, to create exactly the spirit, the atmosphere that the customer likes. Environmental friendliness and comfortable conditions are in the first place. For someone, a dacha or cottage is a place for a fun summer vacation with friends, someone plans to live in a country house all the time, and someone is specifically looking for a plot closer to the city. The price per m2 depends on the listed factors.

Prices for the development of an interior design project

Дизайн-проект интерьера дома 5
Small area
up to
250 m2

from 80 $/m2

Дизайн-проект интерьера дома 6
Average area
251 - 500 m2

53 - 80 $/m2

Дизайн-проект интерьера дома 7
Large area
500 m2

by agreement

What does the final price depend on?

The cost of the interior design of the house depends on:
Дизайн-проект интерьера дома 8
The remoteness of the object from the point of view of geography;
Дизайн-проект интерьера дома 9
The total area of the developed premises in m2;
Дизайн-проект интерьера дома 10
Degrees of detail of interior design or facades;
Дизайн-проект интерьера дома 11
The current state of the building – is the building built or is it still on paper;
Дизайн-проект интерьера дома 12
Types of structures: timber, block, frame, brick;
Дизайн-проект интерьера дома 13
Package of agreed services from the bureau;
Дизайн-проект интерьера дома 14
Preferred style.

Answers to frequently Asked Questions

Can the cost change after signing the contract?

At the preliminary consultation, we will guide you on the total cost of the project and, in particular, tell you about the prices for individual components of the service. For example, for construction and finishing materials from our partners, configuration options, additional services, and so on. The urgency of implementation also affects the prices in the estimate. If it is necessary quickly for various reasons, we will go to a meeting, discuss the conditions, fix them in the contract. Price changes are possible by prior agreement and are fixed by an additional agreement. Working with us is reliable, predictable and informative.

Which communications are mandatory?

The following engineering systems must be included in the design plan: electricity, electrical equipment, fire safety, heating, sewerage and water supply, storm drains, burglar alarm. At the request of the customer, the "smart home" system is installed. The listed points are worked out in detail in the drawings and are a full-fledged guide to action.

Can I come to you with a ready-made sample project?

Yes, of course, we are considering such options. A big plus will be an individual design project specifically for your home, then there will be no problems with the implementation. If you have a typical solution without taking into account geo parameters, climate features and "remoteness from civilization" - certain difficulties may arise. They can increase the final cost of the work by making the necessary additional calculations. Therefore, in order to avoid this, it is better to contact the bureau with an idea, and we will prepare the project "for you" ourselves.

Redevelopment is needed. Are you making a plan?

Definitely. This is a serious part of the work, on the details of which the success of the entire alteration depends. The plan consists of two parts:

Dismantling. This includes not only changing the configuration of rooms and the sweep of walls, but also, for example, the expansion of door and window openings. The drawings draw walls and partitions that the builders will have to dismantle. If this is a partial removal, then the height of the structures left and so on is prescribed. Before demolition, the characteristics of load-bearing structures and their impact on the integrity of the building during dismantling are taken into account.

Mounting. This part of the work reflects how the space will look taking into account new routes and destinations. The following points are recorded in the diagrams: the location, height and thickness of walls, ceilings, partitions, geometry features, the sweep of walls and doors, the size of windows. The explication also contains information about the properties of building materials: concrete, drywall, foam blocks, etc.

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