We design the following types of designs:

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Type 1

Entrances of residential complexes

Stylish common areas in the LCD are the business card of the residents of the house. We create a thoughtful design of residential mops with a functional layout. Corridors, stairwells, elevators, storage areas, information corners and recreation areas are all parts of the common space. We think over the details to the smallest detail.

Type 2

Input groups

The design of the MOS project of commercial premises is integrated into the overall architectural concept of the building on the principle of mixed-use. We realize a harmonious sense of the interconnectedness of the parts of the house with intuitive navigation. In one location there can be a reception, a lobby bar, a coworking. We create a prestigious design.

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Type 3

Apartments for sale

We design apartments with a clear focus on the consumer segment. We provide technological comfort when integrating technical solutions: video surveillance, fire automation, alarm system, Internet. We increase the overall safety due to the layout and materials used. We increase sales conversion through design.

Type 4

With white box finish

The design of common areas is not the only service for developers. We are preparing apartments with a fine finish. The project includes the layout, routes, engineering systems, amenities. The resident gets a location ready for life and unique design solutions. This format is very popular.

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Type 5

Furnished apartments

The interior design in residential complexes also includes a service for completing apartments with furniture and decor. We create a beautiful and unique space. The style is at the discretion of the developer, based on the status of his target audience. If necessary, we will conduct an analysis ourselves, then we will prepare a design project for the apartments.

Why is it profitable to cooperate with the bureau

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Profit growth from real estate transactions

The commercial success of transactions for square meters directly depends on their packaging. Therefore, interior design for realtors is so relevant before the sale of real estate. Our experience and thoroughness guarantee the selection of the right design solutions depending on the portrait of your target audience.

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Strengthening the company's reputation in the market

By offering stylish residential and commercial meters to the market, you increase your rating in the eyes of the end consumer. Among developers and investors, this is taken very seriously, since the reputation and brand of the company are largely decisive arguments. A high-quality product, increases not only the average check, but also increases the flow of customers.

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Increase in investment value

The goal of the development company is to sell real estate quickly and expensively. In this sense, interior design for investors plays an important role in the presentation of the product on the market. The logically designed architecture and the filling of the object undoubtedly adds to the points when looking for serious investments.

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Mutually beneficial cooperation

We are fixated on quality and high standards of services. We have a rich experience of cooperation with various developers and developers. We implement objects from drawings to commissioning. We create a commercial design for any request. Symmetrical cooperation strengthens positions in the market, expands the customer base.

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Thoughtful layout

We are proud of our planning decisions. We are able to completely reshape the space to fit the needs the customer and contain the uncontainable in the given square meters, without forgetting about ergonomics and the legislation of the Russian Federation.

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Turnkey implementation

Full support for the implementation of the design project, including architectural supervision, packaging and decoration. Own construction teams, carpentry workshop and proven contractors for all types of work.

Why choose us

Step-by-step methodology of work

Successful construction and design of a residential building MOS project is possible only through a step-by-step course of work. We monitor the quality at each stage. We follow the deadlines. We hand over the accounting documents on time.

In-depth analysis of the target audience

The design process is preceded by a careful analysis of the target audience. It identifies the main request of potential customers for style, comfort level and technical preferences. We get to the very heart.

Compliance with GOST and SNiP standards

At each stage, we strictly observe the building regulations, clearly follows the established regulations. We calculate all the errors in the drawings. We create high-tech and safe locations.

Price-quality balance

The design project for developers is calculated from the developer's budget and the deadlines for putting the object into operation. We optimize costs without compromising the quality of materials. We choose the best options based on the terms of financing.

Consultations before completion of work

We lead our clients to the end. Always in touch. We advise on any issue, delving deeply into the details. Transparency and awareness are the basis for successful interaction.

Matching the result with the plan

Consistent 3D visualization is an abstract guideline for the work of our team. Our customers receive projects that 95-98% correspond to drawings, sketches, 3d graphics.

Stages of work

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Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

Stage 6

Formation of the technical specification

This is the most important step towards the implementation of a design project. In the development, we take into account the data of the CA analysis. In the TOR, we take into account such parameters as: marital status, interests, the presence of children, pets. Based on this, we lay the foundations of the functionality of the space and its style.

Development of a planning solution

Plans and drawings are created "for the client". We create solutions that most accurately reflect the request of future residents of a house or apartment. Whether it's a married couple or a creative person, they will "see themselves" in the proposed environment, they will be comfortable and interesting to live in the created conditions.

Building a concept and 3D visualization

Developing the design of residential mops, we create detailed 3d graphics that accurately reflect the future result. The layout, the arrangement of furniture, switches and sockets, accent compositions, color and texture - everything is as accurately detailed as possible in digital projection.

Acquisition of materials and furniture

We save your time and budget on finding and buying the right materials and furniture. The list of our regular suppliers allows you to make purchases at a significant discount without conceding in the quality of components. We control deliveries and compliance with the nomenclature list. We pay attention to careful unloading on the object.

Creating a specification

We prepare documents reflecting the essence of the technical process: drawings, plans, enumeration of structural units, assembly features, and so on. The specification is a detailed guide to action for the construction team, where the smallest details on the implementation of the design project are painted.

Preparation of the working documentation package

In addition to the specification, we collect drawings, 3D visualization, sketches, explanatory notes in a set of documents. These documents reflect the essence of the design concept with detailed elaboration of color, light, furniture arrangement, engineering networks, design features and other details of the project.

Examples of completed works


Prices for services for the development of design projects for developers start from 2000 rubles per m2. The order can be placed on the website. We work as in Russia: Krasnodar, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and abroad: CIS countries, Europe, Asia, USA. The cost of designing mops and apartments for sale depends on the location and originality of the idea. We are open to cooperation and are ready to fly to you on the first flight!

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