Design and engineering of SPA complexes

An individual project of a SPA complex, office or salon is developed around the following principles: the number and features of the services offered, the choice of decor and chips, the work of the staff. Creating the design of the SPA salon, we start from the expected level of the institution. Its profitability is taken into account in architectural and planning decisions. We focus on the level of global brands in design, it directly affects profit and commercial success. The thoughtful and luxurious atmosphere disposes visitors to relax, and the service encourages them to return and bring friends and partners. To achieve this, we pay close attention to the study of individual zones, their technical equipment and visual component. All work is carried out in accordance with the standards of GOST R 55321-2012 in compliance with the quality of work at each stage.

6 Steps to your Perfect SPA:

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Consultation, departure of a specialist to the design object. An online format via video communication is possible if your facility is not located in Moscow or abroad.

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Creating an estimate

Coordination of preliminary estimates for the design of the spa cabinet with details on finishing, building materials, decor, deadlines, budget.

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Official contract

The conclusion of an official contract with the fixation of the terms of cooperation in two copies. At a distance, the signature on the scan and sending the document to e-mail.

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Creating a project

Coordination of the layout, visual appearance of the object; elaboration of technical, engineering solutions in accordance with the standards of GOST R 55321-2012 to SPA.

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Construction and installation

Construction of turnkey spa complexes: from pouring a monolithic bowl under the pool to finishing with mosaics, decorating under the strict supervision of the author's supervision.

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Warranty service after commissioning. We prescribe the nuances and deadlines in the contract. In case of breakdowns, we promptly leave for repairs.

We implement the author's approach in the implementation of your idea

Developing a turnkey spa complex, we rely on its uniqueness. We offer fresh and original ideas that you will definitely not see anywhere else. We create creatives for relaxation zones that emphasize the individuality and format of the institution. We boldly combine texture and colors, play with light and non-trivial decor. We mix the smoothness of the lines with the technical functionality of the SPA filling. We create ideal locations for relaxation, rest and wellness.

Stages of work

Stage 1

TK and planning solution

The first step is to get acquainted with the subject of design and the expectations of the business owner. We begin the construction of a turnkey spa after making calculations for each type of work in stages. After measurements and a coordinated visual of the future SPA, we think in detail about the zoning and wall layout, the location of household and office premises. We carefully work out the wiring of engineering systems: electricity, connection with equipment, ventilation, air conditioning, fire safety, alarm, drainage, sewerage, location of transformer substations and generators. After that, we include calculations for the entrance group, cafes, showers, changing rooms, etc. in the planning solution. We prescribe the features of the arrangement of furniture, lighting and decor..

Stage 2

Preliminary design

The space-planning solution at the stage of drawing sketches demonstrates the location of the color spots of the future institution. So, in sketches, spa design acquires a three-dimensional idea of proportions, palette, compositions. Wishes for style, color, content from the terms of reference (stage 1) are superimposed on the layout, collages, sketches of the future interior are made. Such primary visualization shows the geometry of space, color volumes, shapes, textures, positioning of space components. The designer is working on several options to choose from. At this stage, possible shortcomings in the layout, arrangement of furniture or coloristics are identified. The finished sketch corresponds to the technical and functional characteristics of the object. We do both pencil sketches and in digital format.

Stage 3

3D visualization

3D interior graphics demonstrate the future appearance of the space in realistic volumes and angles. In appearance, this is a photo of the desired result. We create three-dimensional sketches for each room. We pay attention to the combination of colors, materials, textures, furniture, lamps, lighting. We are working out the architecture and zoning parameters in detail. Turnkey wellness complexes in three-dimensional images acquire not only an abstract vision, but also convey a "sense of life". Realistic transmission of natural and artificial lighting, the play of shadows and colors immerse you in 3D reality, giving rise to an honest internal response "like / dislike". If the second option - we promptly make adjustments.

Stage 4

Accompanying documentation

3D visualization is a complete set of working drawings with specifications. This kit is necessary for the construction of the facility, the purchase of materials, furniture, equipment, as well as the installation of decorations. The design of the spa area is impossible without this stage - it is the finishing touch that brings the whole project together.

  • The composition of the accompanying documentation (plans)
  • Measurement
  • Planning solution with furniture arrangement
  • Dismantling
  • Mounting
  • Filling of door and window openings
  • Placement of plumbing fixtures
  • Floor plan
  • Placement of electrical appliances
  • Ceiling plan
  • Placement of air conditioning and ventilation elements
  • Equipment placement
  • Equipment Specification
  • Separate drawings for the bath, hammam, pool bowl.
  • Placement of lamps
  • Placement of switches
  • Placement of sockets
  • Wall sweep
  • Conceptual drawings of elements based on Studio sketches
  • Conceptual statement/estimate of finishing materials
  • Conceptual statement/estimate of furniture filling
  • Conceptual statement/equipment estimate

The cost of the SPA design project

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Turnkey Implementation

5000 $

Individual calculation

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Draft design

33 $/m2

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Author's supervision

500 $

Depends on distance

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