Construction, finishing and installation works

Строительно-отделочные работы

Our masters of finishing, construction and decorative works will perform a full range of services for the implementation of a design project. The team carries out construction, dismantling / installation, repair and finishing strictly according to the plan in accordance with the established GOST standards. We have experience in providing services abroad. We will arrive or organize the process in the CIS countries, Europe, Asia, USA, Australia. We provide a full package of documents and reports at each stage. Regular communication via messengers, social networks, video bridges.

Turnkey implementation

This is a set of installation, finishing, finishing processes, as a result of which a concrete box turns into a cozy house. We take a construction object into operation from the moment of design to the delivery of keys to the customer. We document each stage in the specification. From the preparation of the land plot, geodetic surveys, to finishing and commissioning. At the finish, you get a decorative and functional architectural space ready for operation. We fix the prices for construction and finishing works in the estimate, planning the permissible% of deviations from the budget.

Composition of Construction works

  • Rough


    This is the first repair and construction work at the facility. The composition of the rough repair may vary depending on the degree of primary "preparedness" of the building. The main works include: installation of double-glazed windows, floor screed, leveling of the ceiling, walls, wiring of electrical networks, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, waterproofing of bathrooms, bathrooms, garbage collection. The consistency and quality of the rough work determines the quality of the finishing and finishing. We comply with the requirements of GOST and SNIP. Acceptance is conducted by the foreman and the project manager.

  • Finishing


    Construction and installation and repair work are transferred to finishing. At this stage, residential and domestic premises acquire primary aesthetics. The walls are covered with wallpaper, painting, tiles, painting; ceilings are decorated, parquet, laminate, granite is laid out; sockets, switches are mounted; interior doors, electrical equipment are installed. The nomenclature of finishing materials is prescribed in the project documentation and is strictly controlled by the author's supervision for compliance with the agreed quality. Step-by-step implementation is documented.

  • Finishing


    This is a complex of repair and construction works that are carried out after the completion of the basic procedures for preparing the premises for decoration. Commissioning of household electrical appliances is carried out, furniture, textiles, decor are imported. Chandeliers, designer compositions, "accent spots" are being assembled. Commercial or residential space acquires the functional and aesthetic completeness laid down by the project. The decorative qualities of the space come to the fore. The acceptance of the registration takes place jointly with the customer.

  • Additional

    Additional ы
    As part of the contract, our teams are ready to perform such tasks as:
    • establishing contact with the CC LCD, ordering passes, organizing access to the facility;
    • purchase of rough material, delivery and unloading (we provide reporting on receipts upon order);
    • acceptance of delivery of goods at the facility.
    Our services are available to residents in Moscow, Russia, CIS countries, Europe, Asia, USA, Australia. We take off for measurements after agreeing on the terms of the contract on the first flight.

The cost of construction and repair work

строительно-ремонтные работы
Cost of
from 433


черновые материалы
Cost of draft
from 283


Prices for construction and finishing work depend on the chosen design direction, inflation in the country and the urgency of the order. A preliminary calculation can be made on our website by filling out the questionnaire data. More accurate information on prices can be obtained at the designer's consultation. We provide a price list for components at the stage of registration of the contract. We practice holding online and offline meetings at a convenient time for you.

The role of the team

At the design stage, the team leader is determined. He is responsible for the overall success of the construction process. The key roles of involvement in the implementation of the project are established at the initial stage, taking into account its specifics. The members of the project team jointly determine the terms, technical characteristics, stages, financing, risks. Strong management and professional executive team are the key to the success of our company in the highly competitive construction market.

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  • “For me, the most important thing in the implementation of a design project is to strictly follow all the instructions of the working documentation, of which I am the author. The project in our studio includes all the necessary sections, nodes and structural diagrams. It is worked out in great detail precisely so that the builders do not have the opportunity to do something at their discretion, and my task is to monitor this and correct the progress of work in time, if necessary.

    Отзыв 1 - TB.Design

    Igor Verevkin

    Head of Architecture and Construction Department

  • “The project manager participates in architectural supervision in the same way as in any other stage of designing and implementing an interior project. My task is to organize the process in such a way that the approvals take place as efficiently as possible, so that there are no delays, inconsistencies in time, and decisions not recorded in writing. I am responsible for organizing trips, minutes of meetings and approvals. I am always in touch during working hours and am ready to forward any question to one of my colleagues and get a comprehensive answer from them.»

    Отзыв 2 - TB.Design

    Anastasia Polynova

    project manager

  • “I believe it is the job of a studio lead designer to look after the beauty of everything we do. I am included in the supervision at the final stage and carefully follow the transformation of the repair into a sophisticated, finished interior. I am responsible for the perfectly matched shade of that very white, for all the layouts, hangings, for the arrangement of interior items. After all, the final result should be visually flawless!”

    Отзыв 3 - TB.Design


    leading designer

Answers to frequently asked questions

Why do we need drawings and what is included in them?

Drawings are a step-by-step guide for the construction team. These documents reflect detailed layout schemes, wall layouts, outlet and low-current networks, including alarm systems, fire safety, Internet and TV; ventilation, drainage, sewerage, heating; schemes reflect the floor plan of ceilings, window and door openings; arrangement of plumbing and electrical equipment; types of finishes for different surfaces. A well-thought-out plan minimizes possible deviations from the project conditions.

Which engineering projects are mandatory?

During the construction of a commercial building or cottage, the following drawings are included in the mandatory engineering calculations:

electrical equipment;

ventilation and air conditioning;


low-current systems (alarm systems, fire safety, video surveillance, Internet, intercom, TV, telephony);

sewerage, drainage.

The organization of uninterrupted operation of engineering systems is laid at the design stage.

What is the difference between sketching and architectural design?

Sketch drawings show the figurative side of a house or commercial real estate. It reflects the palette, architectural features and visual integration into the landscape. The proportions are presented without exact calculations, but the three-dimensionality and three-dimensionality of the image and decorative features from different angles are shown. Sketches can be both pencil and digital (made in graphic editors);

Architectural plan we have detailed calculations of all systems and features of the structure. Detailed calculations of dimensions, geometry, type of materials and methods of their use are displayed here. The architectural and constructive solution of the project contains details of the technical features of the building, verified calculations based on the purpose of the premises.

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