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Our design team are experts who reflect the client's brand. We are proud to create interiors that visitors like. Redevelopment and decoration of offices, beauty salons, medical institutions, boutiques, photo studios, etc. taking into account the specifics of your business. To order the design of commercial premises in the TB.Design studio means to get premium quality in its segment.

Stages of work

Stage 1

TK and planning solution

The design of commercial interiors begins with the acquaintance of the object. A questionnaire is filled out, including questions about finishing materials, technical content and colors. Based on the collected information, a "Technical task" is compiled.

Then we move on to the layout: at the heart of our design strategy, we consider the functional zoning of the created area, as well as the arrangement of furniture and equipment.

Stage 2


Next, we develop a style and a plan that works with the layout chosen at the first stage. At the same time, the wishes for color, content and concepts from the terms of reference are taken into account, as well as prepared collages and sketches of how the final product will look.

The shape, aesthetic direction and texture of the interior design of a turnkey apartment are determined by the geometry of the room. In conclusion, the final touches are put into the internal elements.

draft design example

Stage 3

3D visualization

We create a 3D visualization of the interior, which demonstrates the future result in a three-dimensional model of space. The layout reflects the shape and color of the furniture, layout, furniture, lighting, decor, engineering communications, etc. Three-dimensional graphics visualize the desired result. 3d in the planning of repair work is relevant for any locations of any purpose.

3D visualization example

Stage 4

Accompanying documentation

We create a complete set of accompanying documentation, which describes in detail all the necessary construction and finishing works. Thanks to accurate calculations and meticulous planning, our design projects are easily implemented. The drawings reflect measurements, the amount of electrical work, redevelopment, furniture placement, floor plans, ceilings, beacons, etc. This is a step-by-step instruction for the construction team, eliminating errors in the assembly of the design project.

documentation example

Stage 5

Author's supervision

The design of a commercial space project requires careful control at every stage. Author's supervision is a check of compliance of the work performed with the project, i.e. compliance with the dimensions of redevelopment, tile joining, color selection, equipment, and so on. This minimizes the client's involvement with the builders. The design studio itself controls the process from concrete to decor.

Stage 6

Object configuration

The completion of the design project is the stage at which we order, deliver and control the installation of finishing materials on behalf of the client according to the TOR based on specifications. By doing our own purchases, we save your time. Independent contacts with suppliers, preparation, checking of invoices is a resource-intensive activity.

The principles we follow

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Thoughtful layout

TB.Design is planning an interior design that can be adapted to the renovation of any apartment. We save useful space taking into account its functionality and direct purpose. Competent zoning of premises forms a general idea of the interior.

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Following the TOR

We practice strict adherence to the terms of the terms of reference. At each stage, we observe the deadlines of the prescribed works, the time for possible changes to the project, taking into account the agreed budget.

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We filter tasks by the degree of importance, correctly prioritizing each stage of work. Developing interior design for business, we effectively plan time, meeting deadlines without fuss.

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Turnkey implementation

Full support from the concept to the completion of the project. You will get a beautiful and functional space ready for use. The result is a modern location for comfortable creativity.

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Honest and open conduct of business, work under the contract according to the agreed estimate and approved TOR, compliance with deadlines at each stage of work. We appreciate your time and trust. We are always in touch.

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We are a young, dynamic and creative team. We keep up with the trends in design and architecture. We regularly raise our level. We take a creative approach to the implementation of each project.

Questions and Answers

I don't know which style will do?

The design of commercial premises should be based on the product or service that will be offered. For example, a toy store is likely to want to create a playful and carefree atmosphere, and a law firm will prefer a more restrained style.

How long does it take to create a design project?

The time required to complete the interior design depends on the scale of the idea. For example, the design of a small office may take a couple of weeks, and the complete redevelopment and interior decoration of the building from a month.

Can the cost change during the development of the project?

Yes, the design of a commercial real estate project can change, affecting the final amount. Taking into account inflation, prices for materials and labor may fluctuate from the moment the contract is concluded and adjustments are made to it after signing. The total cost is also affected by the front of work, which can be increased or decreased.

Are there any guarantees for the work performed?

The guarantee comes into force from the date of delivery of the project. It applies to all defects in materials and labor that occur during normal operation during the warranty period. The warranty does not apply to damages caused through no fault of our own, as a result of improper use and maintenance, which caused an accident and damage to structures, finishes, furnishings.

The cost of the design of commercial premises

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Small Square

40 - 100 m2

from 117 $/m2

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Average area

101 - 250 m2

75 – 117 $/m2

Иконка Карандаш с линейкой - TB.Design
Large area

from 251 m2

individual calculation

The price depends on the scale of the project and its location. For example, the development of a project in a megalopolis can double the nominal value of a design in a small city. At the consultation, we tell in detail what the price consists of and what can make the project more expensive. Everything is personal within a budget that is comfortable for you.

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