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Interior design project

Construction and finishing works

Author's supervision



The composition of the interior design project service

From 4 500 ₽ /sq.m from 2 months

A design project is a set of documents that is a guiding map for the team. The result is a full–fledged "guide to action" for builders, related organizations and the purchasing manager.

The composition of the Design project

Visual concept in 3D format or three-dimensional collages
Visual concept in 3D format or three-dimensional collages
Working drawings: plans, sections, scans, nodes
Working drawings: plans, sections, scans, nodes
Estimates for finishing materials, equipment, furniture, decorations
Estimates for finishing materials, equipment, furniture, decorations
Drawings and diagrams of custom products according to the sketches of the bureau
Drawings and diagrams of custom products according to the sketches of the bureau

The development of the project is carried out before the start of construction and finishing works at the facility.

A well-coordinated team of specialists is involved in the process:

  • The designer is responsible for the "beauty". He will conduct a survey with you to find out all the wishes regarding the object, develop an interior concept.
  • The architect is responsible for technical literacy. He will create a planning solution, draw all the plans, nodes and scans and integrate complex engineering systems into the design. In the future, he will conduct the author's supervision.
  • The project manager is the head of the project team. He is always in touch, is responsible directly to the customer for the result of the studio's work, is best versed in budgeting and future implementation.

Construction and finishing works

Cost of works: from 27,000 ₽ /sq.m.

The cost of rough materials: from 15,000 ₽ /sq.m.

These are installation, finishing, finishing tasks, after which the concrete box turns into a cozy house. Certified construction materials are used, and our teams are strictly selected.


Черновые работы

Rough work:

dismantling, construction of partitions, wiring networks, filling screed.
Чистовые работы

Finishing works:

laying boards, painting, installation of moldings and baseboards.
Финишные работы

Finishing works:

hanging of lamps and installation of plumbing fixtures.
Погрузочно-разгрузочные работы

Loading and unloading operations:

acceptance of deliveries at the facility.

Мы выполняем полный комплекс строительно-отделочных работ по интерьеру.

Every month we provide the customer with a report on the purchase of materials, including hidden extracts. The report is stored in a Google spreadsheet that both the studio and the customer have access to. This is a guarantee that no unpleasant questions or surprises will arise in the process.

Author's supervision

The cost of author's supervision: from 50,000 ₽ month

Author's supervision is the work without which the implementation of interior design services will be incomplete. The lead architect visits the construction site once a week, more often if necessary. Controls the compliance of construction works with the provisions of the design, working and estimate documentation. During working hours, he is in constant communication with the construction team and is ready to respond promptly to emerging technical difficulties or deviations from the project.

Supervision in interior design:

Надзор в дизайне интерьера 1
Planning the course of alterations together with the construction manager
Надзор в дизайне интерьера 2
Control over the implementation based on the drawings of the working project
Надзор в дизайне интерьера 3
Prompt adjustments and additions to the Design project, if necessary (for example, when opening previously invisible elements as a result of dismantling)
Надзор в дизайне интерьера 4
Advising the foreman and the customer on the details of the implementation of the design project
Надзор в дизайне интерьера 5
Coordination of paints, installation layout and tiles liveю
Надзор в дизайне интерьера 6
Selection and coordination of contractors from related fields

Reports on site visits are provided electronically.

TB.Design Studio is ready to do all the roughing and finishing work by its teams, but at the insistence of the customer, we are ready to work with its builders.


Creating an estimate: from 90,000 ₽

The estimate is the financial card of the project. The inaccuracy on the release date does not exceed 5%. Our estimate includes everything from tile stocks and door stoppers to logistics costs. The estimate also shows the bureau's discounts for each product category.

Turnkey interior equipment: 12% of the purchase amount

The complete set is the final process of alteration. This tool significantly reduces the time for the selection and purchase of finishing materials, furniture, equipment and decor, and also guarantees their timely delivery. Optimizes repair costs.

The complete set of the design project includes:

Trips to interior shopping with the customer
Trips to interior shopping with the customer
Linking the procurement schedule with the plan of roughing and installation works, optimization of deliveries to the facility
Linking the procurement schedule with the plan of roughing and installation works, optimization of deliveries to the facility
Комплектация дизайн-проекта 2
Selection of suppliers and contractors according to the price/quality criterion
Комплектация дизайн-проекта 3
Procurement of goods as an agent of the customer. Report on purchases made. Reporting and document management
Комплектация дизайн-проекта 4
Project budget tracking in plan-fact format
Комплектация дизайн-проекта 5
Purchase control. Checking invoices and offers. Logistics, acceptance of goods at the facility, installation control, interaction with complaints

Payment for the complete set is carried out monthly, upon the fact of the purchase report.


The cost of the decoration service: from 75,000 rubles per month + % of the price of goods

We design the interior with stylish elements that make up a single ensemble. The choice of decor, furniture and plants forms the individuality of the premises. The decorator often works with the client personally, helping him to choose items and make up the overall picture.

Home decoration includes:

Creating schematic collages on the decor based on photos of the realized interior
Img 1
Selection of decorative items, art, vintage, antiques
Img 2
Trips to interior shopping with the Customer. Visiting galleries, exhibitions, showrooms, buying things dear to the heart that will warm and delight the soul.
Img 3
Procurement of goods as an agent of the Customer. Report on purchases made in electronic form, budget tracking
Img 4
Purchase control, checking invoices. Logistics, acceptance of goods at the facility, acceptance of installation of products, work with complaints
Img 5
Arrangement of furniture, household items and jewelry, creation of decorative compositions

Decorating is the final "touch" in creating an interior.

Decorative items such as textiles, carpets, books, art objects, antiques, tableware, plants, vases and other small ornaments should be purchased only after finishing is completed. This is the "cherry on the cake" that will give the interior a finished look and personality.

We are happy to integrate your decorative items into the interior.

Cute souvenirs brought from trips, or antique watches inherited from your grandmother just form the atmosphere of comfort of your home, making the interior really individual, and not just a "picture from a magazine".

Special offer for customers from the regions of the Russian Federation and the CIS

Until the end of 2022, there is a special offer for customers from the regions of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. This is a comprehensive offer, taking into account local specifics and price levels. We take into work projects of residential and commercial interiors with an area of 80 sq.m. Leave a request and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Aim for 100% results

Consistency and transparency

Consistency and transparency

It manifests itself in everything: the legal part (contracts for all stages of work), the financial part (the sequence of payments within each transaction, reporting for purchases, visits to the facility are reflected in excel, google docs). We observe a clear sequence in the design and implementation.

Индивидуальный дизайн

Individual design

The TB.Design team consists of designers with experience. We are not limited to one or two favorite styles and techniques. The designer's services are focused on creativity, for example, we mix loft with classics, retro with Provence, eclecticism with fusion. We offer non-trivial solutions to choose from. We will emphasize your individuality in detail.

Гарантийное обслуживание

Warranty service

Interior design from TB.Design is the company's services that are in demand in Moscow, Russia, the CIS, Europe. For two years, we have regularly visited the facility to identify shortcomings. We interact with contractors and related specialists. We monitor the fulfillment of warranty obligations. This minimizes time costs, as well as deviations from the project documentation.

Object "before"
Object before
3D visualization
3D visualization
Implemented project
Implemented project
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Customer reviews

Tatiana did the redevelopment project for us, the design of the apartment, controlled the construction process (author's supervision). In parallel, I did a lot of additional work. I really liked the initially scrupulous approach, if the work plan, then with a list and schedule, if the cost estimate, then divided into stages for each room, i.e. detailed, careful study everywhere.

Отзыв клиента

Natalia Aristova

Apartment design

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We worked with Tatiana for almost a year. We are very satisfied with the result in terms of design, of course, in practice there are moments that we would like to change, but in general everything is fine: both the approach to the client, and efficiency, and the result.

Отзыв клиента

Apartment on Vernadsky _2

Apartment design

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There are not enough words to convey all the emotions and impressions from the design of our restaurant! Many thanks to Tatiana and her team for such beauty! We understood each other at a glance and in the end we got an incredible result that pleases and inspires us.

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Monsolei Restaurant

Restaurant design

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Prices for interior design services

Interior design, as well as the cost of other services consists of:

At the first meeting or call, we conduct a survey: style, purpose of the interior;

We estimate the volume and complexity: the area of the premises, the availability of complex engineering systems and custom products;

We discuss the volume of services, the cost depends on the location of the object: in Russia or abroad;

We provide the client with a discount at the conclusion of the contract;

The cost also depends on the location of the object - in Russia or abroad.

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