Types of indoor landscaping

Currently, an urgent problem is the preservation and improvement of the environment around us. The presence of plants in the room has a positive effect on the physical and mental well-being of a person. Phytodesign of the interior is a great way to relieve stress and add a little relaxation to your home. There are different trends and special rules for each type of gardening.

Part 1

Horizontal landscaping

This is a complex landscaping of premises, in which plants are grown in horizontal layers.
Part 2

Vertical landscaping

Several horizontal elements are placed. No need to think about where to buy plants, we will take care of it.
Part 3


Florariums are designed to contain tropical plants in a container resembling an aquarium.
Part 4

Epiphytic trees

Interior decoration with plants of the type of epiphytic trees is becoming very popular.
Part 5

Decorative lawn

Decorative lawn grasses are found in various types of grass mixtures. Their narrow leaves give an elegant appearance.

Plants used in phytodesign

Bulbous plants

Landscaping of interiors with bulbous plants can be done with daffodils, tulips, lilies and crocuses.

Indoor trees

Indoor trees can serve as both a decorative element and a functional component of the design of your home.


Landscaping the interior with bromeliad plants is not only beautiful, but also easy to care for.

Ampel plants

Ampeli are decorative species with long curly shoots growing upwards, or shoots taking root in the ground.


Interior decoration with indoor plants of this group is often used when decorating an accent wall or dotted, in minimalism.


Cacti are beautiful in any room because they come in different shapes and heights.

Nuances in interior decoration with plants

The service of interior decoration with plants has nuances.

Cluttering of the room. Pots with plants can take up a lot of space, they need to be watered and cared for regularly.

Harmonious location. A pot that is not traditionally considered attractive is placed in a wooden tub or a decorated basket made of natural vines or rattan. Curly flowers look good today in an openwork basket made in the macrame technique.

Background selection. The ideal light background for plants is monochrome, as it provides the greatest contrast and makes the plant look more advantageous.

Color combinations. In the group arrangement of indoor plants, bright saturated shades are placed in the center of the collection, and pale and delicate colors are placed around the edges.

Our Advantages

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Direct deliveries

We supply plants and planters from Holland, Italy, Norway, Finland and China.

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Attention to the client

Interior decoration with plants from our team is accompanied by the work of specialists until the final delivery of the object.

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Nice prices

Our prices are fair and competitive, given the high quality of our work.

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Fast transportation

We have our own warehouse where we store our products and from where we make deliveries.

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Reliable partnership

We perform the work on time in accordance with the project documentation.

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Dynamic command

A group of people who are passionate about design and improving their skills.

The cost of a turnkey phytodesign service

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Small Square

40 - 100 m2

from 833 $/m2

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Average area

101 - 250 m2

833 – 1667 $/m2

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Large area

from 251 m2

individual calculation

The price of the phytodesign of the interior depends on many criteria. First of all, the purpose of the room is taken into account, since this affects the type of planning solution and the required number of rooms. A simple example: A restaurant with an area of 150 square meters can have only one room, while a five-room apartment can contain several rooms.

The second problem is the time constraints that arise in connection with the details of the project. We find a balance between deadlines and the amount of work to ensure that these requirements are met. Other factors that are not so significant, but still affect pricing:

object type – apartment in a new building, on a secondary fund, private house, cottage;

initial condition of the room;

the repair option significantly affects the final cost - the standard repair is lower than the designer one;

the scale of the planned work, including the size of the walls and the time for dismantling;

planned budget;

the price of materials.

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