Configuration of the design project

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Complete set of construction objects, interiors with finishing materials, cabinet and freestanding furniture, plumbing equipment, appliances, electrical fittings, decor. We select, coordinate, order, deliver, accept installation. We rent the interior in the "come- live" format. We also work in CIS countries, Europe, Asia, the USA, Australia

Equipment in interior design

Completing an interior design project is working with the procurement of design project material. To coordinate the processes, a manager is appointed who monitors the quality of purchased materials, delivery dates, conducts correspondence with the customer; a designer is responsible for the visual component, live coordination of interior items. The main work falls on the shoulders of the assembler, whose task is directly procurement, installation, their alignment with the progress of construction work.

Advantages of ordering a complete set in interior design

  • Saving the customer's time

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    The average time a picker spends working on a project is 2-3 hours a day. Add another 30-40% to this time, because you do not have the same amount of knowledge on materials and suppliers. Recalculate half of the time (on average 6 months – 480 hours), multiply by the amount you earn per hour, and subtract the other half from the time for rest, communication with family. Completing turnkey objects will save you time.

  • Saving the customer's money and effort

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    The studio has long-term relationships with many suppliers. The complete set of the interior design includes discounts that can reach up to 25% for some products. In case of problems with deadlines, the quality of the material, the appearance of complaints, etc., the supplier will meet us halfway, as a regular customer. You will not waste your time and money on resolving a difficult situation (replacing material, communicating on a claim, refund).

  • Shortening the project implementation time

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    The procurement schedule is linked by us to the schedule of construction works. Our interior design studio is well-versed in the stages of construction, we know in advance what and when workers will need at the facility. Whether it is the dimensions of ventilation, the specifications of the built–in plumbing elements, the dimming scheme of light or the correct laying of natural stone - the foreman receives a competent and prompt answer from us on all questions.

  • Calculation and control of finances

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    "How much does it cost to complete a design project?" - a common query in Google. The complete set of the interior is a detailed estimate for all finishing materials, furniture and equipment, the inaccuracy of which does not exceed 5-7%. It takes into account absolutely everything, from the correct stock of tiles to door stoppers, the cost of delivery, unloading of goods. Every month we report on the expenses incurred, attaching scans of all receipts, invoices, receipts to the report.

  • Purchase control

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    All configuration services will be fully taken over by the company. Special attention will be paid to complex custom positions: we know how to draw up the correct terms of reference, contract, control the necessary production issues, offer an operational solution, while not overpaying. All you will need is timely approval of key materials and payment. We will answer any questions.

  • Full compliance with the project

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    The picker knows how to find where to order items that fully meet the design project, even if some of the things embedded in it stopped being imported, released, or it turned out to be too expensive. We know many alternatives to ready-made high-budget positions that can be reproduced at Russian production facilities. Turnkey interior design is your confidence that the final result will be 100% in line with expectations.

Composition of the picking service

  1. Preparation of detailed estimates for finishing materials, equipment, furniture based on the statements of the design project of an apartment, house, restaurant or boutique. Tracking the project budget throughout the repair. complete set of construction objects
  2. Reconciliation of the construction schedule with the procurement plan in a team with author supervision and a foreman.
  3. Search for optimal suppliers, contractors for existing tasks, according to the criterion of price / quality, based on the experience of the studio.
  4. Selection of manufacturers of individual positions, provision of necessary drawings and sketches to contractors.
  5. Procurement of materials and furniture as an agent of the customer, or invoicing to the client. Report on purchases made
  6. Purchase control. Checking invoices, offers. Logistics, acceptance of goods at the facility, acceptance of installation, work with complaints
  7. Preparation of financial and other reports on purchases made, document management
  8. The final configuration of the construction objects takes place after going on an interior shopping trip with the customer.

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Stage 1


Furnishing the interior with furniture can be a difficult task in Moscow, other regions of Russia or abroad. It all starts with a schedule of work stages to which the necessary purchases are linked according to the calendar. Each stage of roughing and finishing works is carefully planned according to which the delivery of components is formed. For example, by the time the work with the floor covering begins, a screed, beacons, tiles or laminate are brought. And upon completion of the finishing, the issue of the supply of furniture, equipment, decor is resolved. The purchase of materials is carried out in accordance with the approved schedule.

Stage 2

Estimates and finances

The estimate for components is formed on the basis of the agreed design project statements. The picker calculates each item with the output of the total cost for the purchase. In addition, prices for installation, dismantling, loading and unloading, decoration services are fixed. The stages of implementation are displayed in separate sections with reference to the delivery schedule. Thanks to the constant cooperation with our suppliers, the interior configuration service reduces the total cost of the estimate by up to 25%. The inaccuracy of financial calculations for prices does not exceed 5-7%.

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Stage 3


The main part of the work is the complete set of objects with furniture, finishing materials and other elements of the future interior. We fully control the entire process, from the approval of the estimate, to the arrangement of furniture, equipment, decor. As part of the service, we independently pay for purchases, form accounting documents. If necessary, we go to production to check the completeness of the ordered items. We monitor the timeliness of delivery, if necessary, we work with complaints, eliminating all shortcomings.

Price for interior equipment

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from the amount of purchases

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from the cost of
design project

The complete set of the design project depends on the quantity of purchased materials, the complexity of their delivery across the Russian Federation or from abroad, the availability of complex custom-made products. The larger the object, the more exclusive and technically more complex its filling, the more voluminous, the more effort it takes. Therefore, in the TB.Design bureau, the cost is estimated from the purchased goods.

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