Our Advantages

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Detailed layout

For example, a relaxation room in a sauna transforms the interior design. Our planning solutions are suitable for any area, transforming the room within the framework of ergonomics and the legislation of the Russian Federation.

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Compliance with the TOR

When working with a new customer, we give priority to the customer's wishes. We fix a clear TOR and coordinate it, combining your dreams with the available data on the area, budget. We observe deadlines, SanPiNs.

Иконка Карандаш - TB.Design

Implementation by priority

The interior design of the bath can be modern or traditional. We adjust the price of various components depending on the requirements and priorities of the client. We work consistently.

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Turnkey work

Full support of the implementation of the design, including author supervision, finishing, configuration, decoration. We have our own construction teams, carpentry shop, access to the best contractors.

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For each type of work there is an official contract, which specifies the composition, timing and fixed price of the work. An absolutely transparent method operates at all stages of cooperation. We are always in touch.

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Relevance of the idea

The steam room in the bath is when the finishing of the design of the project meets the fashionable criteria, trends in the field of architecture. By performing significant tasks, we promote a modern approach to work.

Stages of development and implementation
of the bathhouse design project

Stage 1

TK and planning solution

The design project of the steam room is impossible without acquaintance with the object. We begin our work by studying the object, fill out a questionnaire in which we ask about preferences, such as zoning, finishing materials, technical content, color. Based on the received data, an album "Technical task" is created. After that, we get to work. We create two options for the layout of the projected territory.

Stage 2

Preliminary design

After the preliminary design is completed, the preliminary design begins. At this step, the layout, design of the bathhouse with a relaxation room, dimensions, and the amenities of the steam room are determined. The goal is to create a functional, efficient room.

At the preliminary design stage, the architect will develop several different layout options for the steam room. These layouts will be based on the size, shape of the room, the location of doors, windows, as well as the placement of plumbing fixtures. The designer will also determine the size of each room, as well as the quantity and size of each convenience.

draft design example

Stage 3

3D visualization

The modern design of the steam room is impossible to imagine without 3D visualization. Based on 3D visualization, a complete package of working drawings with specifications is formed. A set of drawings is necessary for carrying out construction and installation, finishing works, and specifications - for completion, as well as ordering the necessary materials, furnishings, decorations. That's where it ends.

3D visualization example

Stage 4

Accompanying documentation

The design is recorded in the accompanying documentation. This is an important component of any steam room. It provides a roadmap of the steam room, describing goals, objectives, results. Development documentation is created at the beginning of the design. This includes, a planning solution with the arrangement of furniture, dismantling, measuring, installation plans, filling doorways, window openings, plumbing fixtures, floors.

The cost of developing an interior design project

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Small Square

40 - 100 m2

from 117 $/m2

Иконка Карандаш с линейкой - TB.Design
Average area

101 - 250 m2

75 – 117 $/m2

Иконка Карандаш с линейкой - TB.Design
Large area

from 251 m2

individual calculation

If you have a limited budget, you can order only a working draft - instructions, plans, drawings for builders. Thus, someone else is engaged in the visualization of the bathhouse, and you choose the materials yourself.

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