vk Apartment on Kolomenskaya
Фото проекта Apartment on Kolomenskaya
area: 163,5m2
address: Moscow region, Russia
house type: Monolithic, new building
project status: Professional photo session
implementation year: 2020

Apartment on Kolomenskaya

The project was created for a young couple with one child. The customers approached the designers with a dream of light and calm American classics, which in the course of work was transformed into an eclectic mix with loft features, art deco and rich colors.


Фото проекта Apartment on Kolomenskaya

Руководитель проекта: Татьяна Безверхая, Ася Бочевар

Дизайнер: Алина Владимирова, Любовь Терикова

Реализация: Алина Рыбакова

Фотограф: Евгений Кулибаба

Стилист: Ольга Харламова

Professional photo session
Логотип TB.Design TB.Design