Why is it profitable to cooperate with us

TB.Design Architectural Design Workshop has extensive experience in project development and knows how to minimize the costs of construction and finishing materials. It is profitable to cooperate with us for the following reasons:

we offer author's solutions that you will not find anywhere else;

we design in accordance with the established standards of GOST and SNiP;

we take into account your wishes in planning, finishing, texture and color by 100%;

we develop specifications from construction to installation works;

we collect a full package of documents from the TOR to the estimate.

Stages typical for architectural design

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Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

The cost is 30 $ per m2.

At the first stage of the development of a country house project, the material is determined from which the house will be built in the future and a package of working documentation will be formed.

The appearance of the structure (exterior), finishing materials of facades, plinth, roof are determined. Its exact location at the design site is determined.

Development of a preliminary design (EP)

- explanatory note;
- the scheme of the master plan of the site with the binding of the house;
- planning solutions taking into account the dimensions of furniture and equipment (for each floor);
- facade scans (indicating the selected finishing materials);
- roof plan;
- 3d visualization (several perspective views of the building in digital format).

The cost is 35 $ per m2.

At the second stage of architectural design of residential buildings, the design features of the projected object (cottage / house) are determined. All the height marks, dimensions are determined, the necessary nodes of the roof, staircases, facades, floors are being developed.

Development of the project "Architectural solutions" (AR)

- general data, list of drawings of the main set of "architectural solutions";
- center plot plan;
- floor masonry, marking plans;
- roof plan, stormwater drainage scheme;
- facades in axes;
- cuts;
- nodes, details of walls, structures, engineering networks;
- list of window and door blocks;
- specification of materials.

The cost is 35 $ per m2.

At the third stage of the development of project documentation, the structural design of the building is being worked out, loads are being loaded and lists of building material are being collected.

Development of the section "constructive solutions" (KR)

- General data (list of working drawings, technical instructions, specifications for the designed elements, etc.);
- Foundation (full working documentation of the section of the Housing and communal services "reinforced concrete structures", material specification, layout of foundations, dimensions, depth of laying, specification of volumes of materials, main nodes, sections, etc.);
- Floor plan with specifications (the diagrams of the location of the elements of floors, beams are attached to the specifications of nodes, TK, volumes of materials);
- Drawings for the rafter system (the location schemes are accompanied by specifications of wood, nodes, sections, TK for the device of rafter structures, coatings);
- Other structural details of the projected building (monolithic belts, stairs, etc.).
- Layout of the elements of the roof, canopy (necessary nodes, sections, load calculation);
- Specification of material costs.

The cost is 13 $ per m2.

This is a necessary section for the competent execution of works on the wiring of engineering systems and communications.

Development of the section "engineering solutions" (IR)

Architectural engineering design includes:

- Engineering project of water supply and sewerage (VK);
- Engineering project of heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC);
- Power Supply Engineering Project (EOM);
- Engineering design of low-current systems.

Interaction scheme

Architectural design services are carried out in the following order:

1. We discuss the future project in an online or offline format at your discretion.

2.After agreeing on the general concept, we conclude a contract.

3.Next, we proceed to the formation of TK and 3D visualization.

4.We are developing specifications for a package of related documents.

5.We carry out author's supervision.

6.We are putting the finished object into operation.

Examples of our work

What else can we offer

Facade design and reconstruction

Architectural design of low-rise buildings may include only the renovation of existing facades. We are modernizing the appearance of houses, cottages, country estates. We take into account the wishes for color and texture. We provide a huge selection of design features, the use of finishing materials. We offer various solutions for facades: from classical to Gothic. We mix related directions, placing accents in the right places. In addition to aesthetics, in TK we consider the wear resistance of materials to climatic conditions, the ability to retain heat, sound insulation, strength

Interior design

It is better to entrust the global redevelopment to the bureau. In addition to creating planning solutions in the construction of houses, we develop architectural and interior design. We will design gables, arches, bay windows, vaults, partitions, niches, columns, stairs and other complex elements for your cottage from scratch. In the calculations, we take into account the load-bearing structures, the chosen style and special wishes. This is jewelry work, the essence of which is to change the interior, preserving the integrity and safety of the building.

Working with backlight

We create a beautiful visual effect on the territory of private houses and their facades with the help of thoughtful lighting. Lighting design is a complex synergy of natural and artificial light at different times of the day. When designing, the emphasis is on diffused light for facades. This technique gives the ensemble integrity and unity with the landscape. Spot lighting is more often practiced on accent design elements, for example, coat of arms, moldings, stained glass windows. Beautiful illumination of a house or interior is the result of thoughtful work of an architect and designer.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Is it possible to build a house according to the project yourself?

Yes, of course, if you have a skill or a professional team of builders. Architectural and artistic design contains a complete package of documents, which is a step-by-step guide to the implementation of the idea. Specialized specialists can read diagrams and drawings, quickly navigate explanatory notes and specifications. You can order only an architectural solution from us, and the work can be carried out on your own or by third-party contractors.

Where to get a building permit?

A construction permit is obtained from local self-government bodies at the location of the land plot in person, by mail or through the MFC. You need to have a passport of the future building and an architectural project with you. The full list of documents, the cost of the state duty and other conditions must be clarified upon request, the specialist will orient according to the list.

What does Author Supervision mean and do I need it?

The author's supervision controls the progress of the construction process, its compliance with the project documentation. Ensures the exclusion of distortions from the author's intention. It is carried out from the beginning of the start of work and ends with the moment of commissioning of the facility. This is a voluntary service. The architectural bureau enters into a separate contract for it. The customer makes the decision on its use independently. At the same time, all responsibility for compliance with the conditions of the architectural project during the construction of the object is transferred to the developer.

I don't live in Russia. Is it possible to order an architectural project remotely?

Sure. We work with any city in the world. Astana, Israel, London - location does not matter. You can also meet online via a video bridge. The details are also discussed remotely in messengers that are convenient for you. We record agreements and special wishes on paper, take into account every detail in the specifications. The contract, the project with accompanying documents are poisoned by scan and mail "registered with notification". If necessary, we fly to the facility for comprehensive supervision and configuration.

Are geological surveys required when designing the foundation of a house?

The engineering and geological analysis of the site is part of the architectural and construction design and construction of buildings. The study of the soil reveals its problem areas. Surveys are conducted for corrosion activity, possible landslides and flooding. We study soil moisture saturation, suffusion phenomena, etc. The study provides the basis for clear calculations on the choice of the type of foundation. If necessary, its reinforcement is designed. Geological surveys minimize future maintenance costs of the foundation, since at the design stage all the introductory ones that can lead to rapid wear are taken into account.

I know what kind of house I want, but I can't choose a roof. Tell me?

Yes, of course. The roof of the house itself requires special attention. The choice of the type of form depends on the configuration of the building, the number of floors, the functionality of the upper floors. Much attention is paid to the coating. The calculations take into account the bearing capacity of the roof structure and the features of the truss system. We pay attention to snow load indicators taking into account the region. Hence, a decision is made in the application of additional thermal insulation, steam and waterproofing membranes. During the consultation, the architect will select the best roof option, which will be included in the architectural plan.

Is it possible to design a study with sound insulation in the house?

Of course you can. Conditions in the world have brought many to the distance. Working at home now will not surprise anyone, but creating optimal conditions for creativity is a whole art. The development of a home office in architectural design is increasingly found among the "special wishes". Cabinets with sound insulation are very popular, especially when there are children in the family. Negotiation processes and concentration on business require silence and tranquility. We pay great attention to the selection of materials for sound insulation and organically fit them into the design project.

The cost of architectural design

Дизайн ресторана 21
Development of a draft project

from 30 $ per m2

Дизайн ресторана 22
Development of the project "Architectural solutions"

from 35 $ per m2

Дизайн ресторана 22
Development of the section "Constructive solutions"

from 35 $ per m2

Дизайн ресторана 22
Development of the project "Engineering solutions"

from 13 rubles per m2

The organization of architectural design and construction is a complex technical and creative process. Prices for the service start from 2000 rubles per m2. More informative calculations can be obtained after consultation. Exact prices for each stage of work are formed when drawing up the project TOR. We work in the premium segment at a market price anywhere in the world.

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