In what situations do you need professional advice?

Let's analyze when a designer's consultation is needed:

You have made a decision to buy an apartment or a house and have thought about the need to redevelop the space to suit your taste.

You have not worked with a design studio, but before signing a contract to create a project, you want to test our experience and skills in business.

You are not planning a major restructuring, but only want to refresh your environment with a little blood.

You are doing repairs yourself and you need the advice of a professional.

You need to consult on a ready-made design project.

Each request is considered individually. The solution is offered for a specific situation. As part of the consultation, you will receive detailed information on the topic.

Types of designer consultations

  • Advice on choosing an apartment or a house

    Консультация дизайнера интерьера по выбору квартиры или дома

    When choosing your future property, it is important to understand its real potential. The designer's consultation will give an assessment of the interior and the investment attractiveness of the property. In the process, there is an understanding about the commercial perspective of the alteration. The price for a discussion with such a specialist depends on the time spent. The specialist meets with you at the facility. Evaluates the number of floors, location relative to the cardinal directions, insolation. He looks at engineering communications: whether there is duct ventilation in the house, how the heating is divorced, communications of the HHS. Assesses the quality of construction: whether additional noise insulation will be required, how capital the construction and finishing works will be. After leaving the facility, we prepare sketches of the layout, correlate the wishes for zoning with reality, taking into account all the norms of the legislation of the Russian Federation on the redevelopment of residential premises.

  • Consultation on the finished or future interior

    Консультация дизайнера интерьера по готовому или будущему интерьеру
    Do you already have an apartment that you like, but something is missing? Do you want to add warmth, individuality, refresh a slightly outdated stylistically interior? Therefore, it is reasonable to invite a designer for consultation. In the dialog you will get:
    • assessment of the current state of the object;
    • tips for color harmony;
    • recommendations for redevelopment, zoning, furniture placement;
    • ideas for decorating spaces and individual rooms;
    • consultation about suppliers where it is possible to order materials and equipment inexpensively;
    • if necessary, he will recommend a trusted contractor or supplier;
    • will give an approximate estimate of the required finances.

    In a dialogue with a specialist, you will close a lot of related questions on interior design. There will be an understanding of the cost, both in independent execution and by the bureau.

How is the consultation going

We are conducting an analysis

At the first stage, the interior designer determines the internal request and expectations of the customer. The meeting can be organized both online (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber) and in person (at the facility, in the office, cafe). For deeper immersion, survey methods, visualization of stylistic solutions, examples from the company's portfolio can be used. After collecting the necessary information, the specialist is ready to offer several individual solutions for further study. So in the dialogue, the basis of the concept is formed, around which the details of the project will be built.

We formulate the goal

The goal determines the means. And the design also has functionality, visual and comfort. The designer's consultation will help you quickly establish yourself with the final goal of the project. Moscow, Astana, Israel or London - geography does not matter. In one meeting, you will receive a comprehensive guide to action. You will clearly see the final goal. Global alteration, spot repairs, or a complete change of style - will no longer seem like something messy with white spots in matters of engineering, color selection or functionality of specific zones.

Discussing details

The goal is clear, there is a picture in my head. And what to do specifically? These are natural questions that our experience, observation and qualifications allow us to close. At this stage, we delve into the discussion of engineering subtleties, the zoning of space in accordance with the interests of family members; we discuss the presence of pets and what conditions they require; we sort out the layout options, artificial and natural lighting, and so on. Every detail is important in the dialogue, which can play a decisive role in such issues as the cost and timing of the project.

Finding solutions

A creative approach to solving complex problems, from the point of view of the geometry of space and the inherent functionality, give rise to a unique approach to the implementation of each project. For example, stories with stairs, niches, arches, podiums, storage systems are always tasks for ingenuity. and we find solutions that not only organically fit complex structures into the interior of the premises, but are also incredibly convenient and safe to operate. The designer's consultation, the price of which is negligible in comparison with the cost of implementing the entire project, gives ready-made working solutions.

Looking at design options

Based on the collected information, we proceed to the most pleasant part of the consultation - choosing the style of facades and interior. There are many types of design when we talk about the image of the house: loft, modern, classicism, art Deco, minimalism, hi-tech, ethno. Traditional style or more modern. Some can be mixed and combined to create an image that will completely belong to you. We listen to your wishes, read implicit requests between the lines, subtly noticing your true intentions in the design of the space for life and work.

Summing up

Our work is based on the belief that good design improves the quality of life. During the consultation process, our clients receive comprehensive answers to their questions. We discuss such subtleties as: redevelopment, construction, choice of design concept and features of color spots, functionality of zoning and other things. We strive to give more benefit in one meeting than is expected of us. We not only consult, but also make friends. In addition to the "capital" design tips, you get information that does not "shine" in open sources. It is customary for us to receive positive feedback from customers after a meeting. We like our work, we like to help with advice and make amazing design projects, the uniqueness of which is inimitable.

The cost of consulting a designer

Консультация дизайнера интерьера 2

333 $/hour

Консультация дизайнера интерьера 3
Average distance
Other districts of Moscow,
MO (NW, W)

250 $/hour

Консультация дизайнера интерьера 4
remote object
Other regions of Moscow Region, other regions

500 $/hour

“How much does an interior designer's consultation cost?”, is a popular query in the search engine. The price may be different. For example, the online format is cheaper than a face-to-face meeting. If this is a flight at the request of the client, the price tag will also increase. Experience, geographical location, complexity of the project also affect the prices. To orient yourself more accurately, you can fill out the feedback form on our website and our specialist will provide you with detailed information. The cost is individual and depends on many factors.

Duration of consultation

The average online designer consultation lasts from one to two hours. Usually this time is enough to feel your style, as well as to evaluate the thoroughness of the idea. If you have a large project, it is better to schedule a long interview. This will give you time to ask questions, get acquainted, and discuss your project in detail. Competent design consulting closes all the client's questions in one meeting. Our bureau has an impressive experience in these matters. We work quickly and to the point. We respect your time and employment.

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