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Design project of a residential space from TB.Design. Our design team will work to create a functional and attractive apartment. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to customers.

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Apartment design project

Design project of the house

Design project of the barbecue area

Phytodesign in the interior

The furnishing of the apartment may seem like a simple matter, but in fact it is a voluminous and multi-stage work.

In the TB.Design studio, the interior design of a cottage or townhouse is four stages on the principle from simple to complex.

The design of the barbecue area is a way to add value to your home while enjoying outdoor recreation. Summer kitchens have gained popularity because they give homeowners the pleasure of entertaining guests by cooking dinner outdoors in good company.

Phytodesign is a way to add a little extra living space to your apartment. Winter gardens in rooms are becoming popular because they provide a unique way to enjoy the elements of wildlife in your apartment. Examples of plant integration in a room can be found in our portfolio..

Cost of residential interior design

Иконка Карандаш с линейкой - TB.Design
Small Square

40 - 100 m2

from 100 $/m2

Иконка Карандаш с линейкой - TB.Design
Average area

101 - 250 m2

80 – 100 $/m2

Иконка Карандаш с линейкой - TB.Design
Large area

from 251 m2

individual calculation

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