Creating a non-trivial design and atmosphere

The commercial success of pubs, restaurants, and sports bars largely depends on the originality of the interior design. Thoughtful design is the key to the prosperity of the institution. Therefore, before designing, we conduct a thorough analysis of the target audience of restaurants. An engineering and marketing strategy is based on his data. Individuality and ergonomics play a primary role in the design of premises. This is the main focus in catering design. Every detail is important to us: the quality of furniture, natural, artificial lighting, routes of staff, guests.

Design features

  • Deadlines

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    We take deadlines seriously, as we highly value your and our time. We are interested in ensuring that the project is completed on time. In joint work, at the initial stage, we determine the date of commissioning of the facility. We document the agreements. We divide the process into stages, we define our own deadline for each. Quality control is provided by the author's supervision.

  • Budget

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    At the first meeting, we discuss the size of the budget. When designing, we keep a guideline for the agreed amount. Upon completion of the formation of estimates for construction work, installation of communications, decoration, decor, we announce the exact amount of the project cost. We adhere to strict reporting, established financial frameworks. This approach guarantees an economical, targeted spending of funds that is understandable for the customer.

  • Wow effect

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    The first impression a visitor to restaurants or cafes gets from the atmosphere and the color scheme. The designer relies on the originality of the forms and palettes. The texture of the finish, textiles, decor also play an important role. We create stunning interiors in which your guests feel relaxed and comfortable. They will come back to you again and again to enjoy the original atmosphere and energy.

  • Target audience

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    In working on the interior design of the cafe, we rely on the marketing indicators of the target audience. We bring together the characteristics of a potential audience: gender, age, hobbies, status, gastronomic preferences, availability of free time, national characteristics. As a result, we get a conditional portrait of the ideal client for which the design of a bar or cafe is being developed.

  • Prioritization

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    We are moving in stages defined by the design project. We primarily close construction works, installation of engineering systems, electrical equipment. We install fire safety and alarm systems. We pay close attention to air conditioning, ventilation - it is important to calculate the installation so that the aromas of the kitchen do not leak into the hall. Next, we proceed to the finishing and configuration. Next, the author's supervision.

  • Turnkey

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    We undertake organizational, design, and turnkey construction processes. We guarantee compliance with deadlines and budget. You do not need to worry whether the result will correspond to the agreed sketches and drawings. You will get the expected design of a restaurant, bar, cafe. At each stage, we provide detailed reports on the work done and planned. We are handing over a project ready for a joyful meeting of our beloved visitors.

Stages of creating a restaurant project

Before the institution serves the first guest, every restaurateur should have an idea of what stages precede this long-awaited event. It all starts with numerous approvals with administrative services, after which you can start designing. The specialists of our bureau help to choose the main direction in design, tell about the features of its implementation, possible difficulties to be faced. This may depend on the layout of the room, its location and proximity to other businesses. After the abstract questions of the visual are closed, a step-by-step detailing of the interior design of a cafe or restaurant begins. There are many subtleties here, for example, even the speed of customer service in general depends on the arrangement of equipment in the kitchen. The combination of wasted seconds when moving in the kitchen reduces the quality of the restaurant's service. It seems like a trifle, but in fact it gives low efficiency and reduces % of profit.

Stage 1

Layout and Technical specification

The layout is the basis of the future interior. It is important to take into account all the details at once so that the design is fully revealed. At the second stage, the functional zoning of the projected space with the arrangement of furniture and equipment, movement routes are considered, on the basis of which 2 variants of planning solutions are developed. The final plan is finalized after analyzing the options.

In parallel, a detailed technical specification for the design is being developed. This includes: an architectural solution, the layout of water supply, sewerage, heating, air conditioning, ventilation systems; a plan for the placement of technological equipment and its binding to engineering systems. All calculations are made in accordance with GOST standards and meet the requirements of the organization of catering. Next, comes the next part of the design.

Stage 2

Preliminary design and basic drawings

The second stage consists of developing the actual style of the room. Ideas on style, color, and filling are superimposed on the selected layout, detailed collages and hand sketches of the future interior are being prepared. Detailed schematic visualization shows the geometry of space, direction, color volumes, shapes, textures. The collages display specific models of furniture and lamps that correspond to the budget requirements and delivery dates. The designer pays attention to the elaboration of important "wow" zones. This is how a design concept is born.

In parallel, the development of primary plans is underway, which are important for the operational start of construction. These include:

  • Measurement plan
  • Planning solution with furniture arrangement
  • Dismantling plan
  • Installation plan
  • Wall decoration plan
  • Plan for filling door and window openings
  • The plan of placement of sanitary appliances
  • Layout of heating devices

Stage 3

Accompanying documentation

On the basis of previously agreed elements, a complete package of working drawings with specifications is being prepared. A set of drawings is needed to perform construction and installation, finishing works, and specifications - for the complete completion of the project, the purchase of necessary materials, furniture, appliances, decor. The specification also includes marking of all "finishing" elements: finishing materials, furniture, lighting fixtures, decor. This is the final stage of the design project.

  • Floor plan
  • Electrical appliance placement plan(s)
  • Ceiling plan
  • The plan of placement of lamps
  • Switch placement plan
  • Layout of sockets
  • Wall scans in significant areas
  • Conceptual drawings of elements based on Studio sketches
  • Conceptual estimate for finishing materials
  • Conceptual estimate for furniture filling
  • Conceptual estimate for equipment

Cost of restaurant design development

Дизайн ресторана 21
Small area
up to
250 m2

50 - 83 $/m2

Дизайн ресторана 22
Average area
251 - 500 m2

33 - 50 $/m2

Дизайн ресторана 23
Large area
501 m2

Individual calculation

Several factors affect the cost of design of a cafe, bar or restaurant. The main thing is the area of the room. The larger it is, the lower the price per square meter, and the difference can be very significant. The second factor is the timing of design and implementation. The smaller they are, the more difficult and voluminous the work to be done, the higher its cost. Also important is the amount of alterations in the room, old or new housing stock. Pricing is influenced by the choice of design style. For example, if it's classicism or Art Deco, then the check will be higher in comparison with grunge design. The interior design of a restaurant in Moscow or any city in the world is a source of unlimited creative potential for our team.

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